Rollout 2018

Early this April, Rensselaer Motorposrt unveiled RM23. RM23 boasts significant changes over last year’s car. New for the year is an electronic shifting system which is controlled via paddle shifters. We also implemented an active aero system for maximum downforce at lower speeds and a higher top speed in a line. A dry sump oiling system and stiffer chassis means better cornering. Much of this was not possible without our new ECU system which helped make a cohesive system with our digital dash. Our work hasn’t gone unnoticed and we’ve been featured in Inside Rensselaer.

Much preparation was done for Rollout but the work hasn’t stopped yet. Our first test of RM23 took place on Rollout weekend, which was quite an achievement. Since then, we have been testing and training drivers every weekend in preparation for competition which is in early May. Our work would not have been possible without the generous support of our alumni, sponsors, and donors.