Full Members

In addition to our team leadership, Rensselaer Motorsport is made up of both volunteer and full members. While volunteer members have no set requirements, full members must demonstrate strong dedication and commitment in addition to fulfilling specific requirements to join. Some of the requirements include attending all weekly meetings, participating in biweekly shop cleanups, and volunteering at multiple outreach events. Full member benefits include eligibility for the team résumé pool, eligible to attend competition, and voting on team matters. The current list of full members can be found below:

Full MembersMajorGraduation Year
Abdullah KoseMechanical Engineering2020
Andrew KayeMechanical Engineering2018
Aran ChoMechanical Engineering2021
Birch SztabnikComputer Science2020
Christopher BrayMechanical Engineering2019
Christopher DemerittMechanical Engineering2020
Daniel NathanMechanical Engineering2021
Francisco BrescianiAeronautical and Mechanical Engineering2019
Graham SmithMechanical Engineering2020
Johnny D'AversaMechanical Engineering and DIS2021
Katherine SweeneyPhysics2021
Katherine CroffordMechanical Engineering2021
Kevin SanitaComputer and Systems Engineer2020
Ngai To YuNuclear Engineering and Physics2020
Noah DropkinMechanical Engineering2018
Noah Paul AshtonMechanical Engineering2021
Quinn McDonnellMechanical Engineering2020
Ryan TouzjianAeronautical and Mechanical Engineering2019
Ryder WinansAeronautical and Mechanical Engineering2019
Sawyer ThomasMechanical Engineering2020
Shruti ArumbakkamAeronautical and Mechanical Engineering2020
Simon DaviesMechanical Engineering2019
Tara CannyAeronautical and Mechanical Engineering2021