Rollout 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Proudly Present: RM22!

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Roll Out 2016

Unveiling the new RM21-B!

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Syracuse Nationals 2015

Check out RM21 out on the autocross track at Syracuse Nationals!

Roll Out 2015



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Time for testing! ...

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Rensselaer Motorsport updated their cover photo. ...

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Ladies and Gentlemen, We Proudly Present: RM22 ...

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'Twas the night before Roll Out, when all through the shop,
Not a station was silent, all whiz bang and chop;
The tools were laid out on the tables with care,
The working spirit, abuzz in the air;
When outside the cage, there arose such a chatter,
All work was stopped--what could be the matter?
The final part had arrived, at last it was here,
The culmination to all that we here hold dear;
The chassis sat bare, pretty and neat,
Knowing that soon, her form would be complete;
On A-Arms! on bellcranks! On uprights and springs!
Now tripods, now headers, and tires and wings!
From the nose to the rear, and all parts short and tall
Now shine away, shine away, shine away all!
And there she stood, bright as could be,
Knowing that soon, the whole world would see:
All the hard work, that was put in by this team,
You all should stand proud--smile and gleam!
Because you guys deserve it, you gave blood sweat and tears,
Creating a car, that will last here for years;
As it all ends tomorrow, we'll remember the sight,
Happy Roll Out to all, and to all, a good night!

Author: Yuriy Slabicky '15

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